Albufeira Civic Works Final 2008 update

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Pictures taken Wednesday 24th December 2008 at lunchtime.

Once again the order of pictures is beyond my control!

Work is now suspended in Albufeira until 5th January 2009. The work on the beach is being protected by a temporary dam of sorts. This effectively cuts the beach in half. The work is substantial and far from complete, as I hope you can see from the photographs. Students and practitioners of drainage engineering please comment!

The Largo 25 de Abril has been cleared of almost all the construction equipment except for the two very large cranes. The site is now closed for holidays. I wonder how many people will try to climb them on New Year’s Eve!

The pier is still closed off as the repair work is yet to be completed. New outfall pipes are being built under it and there was a distinct smell of sewers when I was there.

Pleased to report that the area of Rua São Gonçalvo de Lagos is also now complete. The businesses there are starting to get themselves organised and ready to open again.

Also and nothing to do with Albufeira, a couple of pictures from Olhão showing the laid up fishing fleet. Elsewhere in the docks, the timeless task of mending the nets must still be done.

Happy Christmas to all visitors.

There will be some more pictures from Albufeira’s work s programme on or around the 12th January, after work has re-started. I might take some elsewhere beforehand!


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