Albufeira civic works update and more December 2nd 2008

This photo album contains pictures of the various civic works taken between 26th and 30th November. There are also some pictures of more general interest taken within the same period.

Albufeira Av 25 de Abril

Work complete here. The big circular building at the top of the picture is the Oceaville Hotel block.

Albufeira beach and works

There is a considerable amount of work in progress on the beach in two locations. The first is at the storm water outfall. This, as many of you know, discharges across the beach especially in the winter as it was on November 30th. Work is under way to carry this under the sand and therefore improve water quality. Unfortunately for the builders, a stormy sea and very high tide on November 29th did some damage to the works.

The second work area is at the pier. Work is needed to repair storm damage and also in connection with the new drainage system, which will see pipes carried alongside or under the pier and out to sea. There are several nice pieces of machinery on view for fans of that sort of thing. The dredger has gone though.

Parts of the beach are closed off as a result. You can still walk past the pier from one side to the other but, at the storm outfall, it will not be possible to walk along from one part of the beach to the other even at low tide.

Albufeira – a couple of oddities for you

There is a small cave on the beach, under the restaurant ‘A Ruina’. There are people living in it apparently. Caemen in 21st century Albufeira. Also, there is a large gypsy encampment next to the bus station which many of you will have seen or heard about. Didn’t want to get too close.

Albufeira new lift/elevator

The new lift near the Rocamar hotel is well on the way to completion. The machinery is being installed. Work is now in progress to ‘tidy up’ the top end and install the clear glass fences around the new entrance. There are still some issues to resolve at beach level as the high tides flooded the access path at the bottom!

We do not yet know the opening date for this variously described structure!

Albufeira Peneco Beach

Just a general shot of the beach looking rather nice in the November sunshine. There were a few fisherman casting off the beach on Sunday morning when I walked that way.

Albufeira Rua 5 de Outubro

This is the road leading to the tunnel. As you can see, the work on the new drains and sewers is causing some considerable disruption to the area. Some of the small side streets are also affected and the going is very difficult for the elderly and handicapped.

Most of the businesses are still open, but trade must be difficult for them.

The first 5 of these pictures were taken on 26th November, the remainder on the 30th – a Sunday when no-one was working. A lot of the streetlights in the area are dead at the moment, which makes walking even more fun.

The situation here is changing day-by-day, so what you see now may not be what you see next week. However, work is supposed to be finishing on December 19th for the Christmas and New Year holidays. It remains to be seen what kind of state things will be left in.

Albufeira Square and Bar Street

The current work extends a little way into the old town square, up by the Millennium bank.

Also, the public toilets in the square are closed for refurbishment.

Work in ‘Bar Street’ was supposed to have been well under way by now but nothing has yet been done. The project is therefore several weeks behind schedule already.

Albufeira Rua São Gonçalo de Lagos

The underground work seems to be nearly complete. There were delays caused by the discovery of skeletons and other archaeological items. The area was a cemetery in Roman times. The ground will need building up some 1 metre in parts and re-surfacing. If memory serves, the surface will be the same slippery paving slabs used in the area nearer the pier.

Albufeira Stadium New Roads

Outside the old town, there is considerable road building under way in the area of the Stadium and the Janelas do Mar apartments. The new roads will make a shorter route, including walking, between the Janelas do Mar area and the stadium, bus station and old town. Still a few hills involved though. (Note – one part of the new road network cuts across the front of Janelas do Mar. This section is nearly finished, so should not disturb visitors too much.)

You can see from the picture plan that the new roads will completely circle the stadium and the former temporary situation sorted out – the ‘road’ where you can see the bus is in fact part of the car park. The parking areas are being hard-surfaced.

The new roads will also open up more areas for building those desperately needed luxury, exclusive holiday apartments.

I have also included a couple of general shots of the stadium from the overlooking hill. The main stand holds about 3,000. This is the home ground of Imortal Albufeira FC and is also used for regional and national athletics events plus the occasional concert etc.

Albufeira toy shop

I spotted this little display in a shop window. It was closed and I don’t know how genuine these old models might be, but one was priced at 39 Euros. If you are a collector or know someone who is, it is in the old town in the little street (near the chimney and the multi-storey car park) that runs down from Rua Alves Cooreia and the taxi rank to Ave 25 de Abril.

Albufeira Christmas Lights

The council say they have spent 22% more this year than last on Christmas Lights. These are up all around town (except where the roads are being dug up!) and I shudder to think what the electricity bill must be. Still, it’s nice to see local councils spending a bit of money to make things look nice, in contrast to the penny-pinching attitudes I had become accustomed to in the UK, not to mention ‘elf and safety putting the mockers on just about anything.


Finally, moving away from Albufeira, I visited Silves the other day and the old bridge was sitting nicely above the shiny river water. The town has many buildings with distinctive balconies. The narrow streets make it a bit difficult to get an angle. Sad to say many of the older buildings are empty and becoming derelict. Urban flight continues to affect this and many Algarve town centres.

I am spending a few days in the Coimbra area for a change of scenery. I have never been there before. Next week I shall post some pictures.



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