Albufeira Civic works (and more) photo update 18th November 2008

The photos of the pier were taken on Friday 14th November, the remainder on Sunday 16th.

On the Friday, cranes were busy on the pier. Recent storm damage is under repair, as is work connected with the new drainage system. A small area of the beach is closed off but it still possible to walk from one side of the pier to the other.

It isn’t all gloom and doom around here, as I hope the first few pictures will show. This was about 345pm on Sunday afternoon. The sun was shining, the sea blue and the temperature well into the 60’s F, about 19C. It was busy outside the cafes and bars on Cais Herculano. The beaches were not crowded to say the least, but there were people sitting out and enjoying the sunshine. Nice view of the dredger sitting out to sea.

Just behind there the next street (Rua S. Goncalo de Lagos) is completely dug up, with many places closed or very difficult to get to.

Further into town, nothing has yet happened in ‘bar street’ which was supposed to be well under way by now. In the main square (Largo Eng. Duarte Pacheco) various holes have appeared and then disappeared over towards the bank. However most of the square is unaffected and business carries on as normal.

The trench has now been filled in the little alley leading up from the square to Rua 5 de Outubro but the going is still a it difficult. Rua 5 de Outubro itself is almost all closed off, with two narrow passages down either side giving access to the shops and post office. Down the road, some work is in progress installing various bits of kit into the new lift/elevator. The new restaurant building next to the Sol e Mar hotel is almost finished.

The Penedo cats were on the prowl, pretending to be lions.

The Crowne Plaza site dominates the area and it is progressing slowly and surely.

Down in the fishing harbour, work on the new buildings and fish market is almost completed. The new walkway above the harbour is also nearly done and it will extend around the headland to the end of the beach by the lift one day.

I was closely observed then pestered by rather large seagulls, as well as a couple of rather mangy looking dogs! Worth paying attention if you are intending to go down there.

Finally and on a completely different tack, pictures of various persons of disrepute watching the Paderne v Imortal match on Saturday afternoon. Imortal won 3-0 so we went home happy and after much beer had been consumed.

Next update on the Albufeira theme will be in about 2 weeks.



on November 17, 2008 by cubsur51

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