I thought I had lost these pictures from my trip France in July.
The first is a picture of the magnificent tiled map in the Gare St Jean in Bordeaux. I am not sure of the date but shows the railways of the south-west as they were probably before World War II, certainly before the formation of the SNCF national railway. This reduced size picture doesn’t do it justice as it is about 30 feet high!
There were some very grey days at Soulac in July – windswept, deserted beadhes were common!
The coast thereabouts is sand dunes. Erosion is pushing back the coast at about 1 metre a year in places. The picture shows recent collapses. A presentation panel in the local museum estimates that within 100 years the northern tip of the Medoc peninsular will become an island once more. When the sea breaks through the dunes the flat land beyond will prove no obstacle.
The whole area is littered with the remains of German World War Two fortifications. These are along the coast to the southof Soulac and once formed part of Hitler’s Atlantic Wall, They were the secene of heavy fighting in April 1945, just before the surrender. Several are now submerged at high tide, amply demonstrating the extent of the erosion and retreat of the coastline. Some now serve as canvasses for local artists!
Finally, the modest establishment in which I stayed, La Dame de Coeur in Soulac sur Mer.
Work starts in Albufeira today, 5th October, so by the end of the week  there should be something worth taking pictures of.


on October 6, 2008 by cubsur51

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