These pictures were taken between between Wednesday 6th and Sunday 10th August.
I start off with a few pictures of the beaches, looking in fine form except that there were some patches of rather smelly seaweed. I did notice that the level of the sand has not quite recovered. Even at almost high tide, there were several partly exposed rocks for people to break toes and heads on.
As you can tell, it is very busy now that the holiday season is in full swing. There are several thousand more hotel beds under construction; where are they all going to sit?
If you staying up near Cerro D’Aguia, the water tower is such an obvious landmark you will never get lost!
The Cerro Grande area, at the back of the Crowne Plaza development, is rather pretty provided you look in the correct direction.
The Crowne Plaza itself is now partially coated with the concrete skim. This helps to disguise the shockingly awful standard of brickwork. I wouldn’t sneeze too hard when inside a room.
Across town, out the back from Pateo, the Eden Resort development is rapidly taking shape. It too will have white walls to blend into the countryside. Just to the left is a large open area, just waiting I am sure to be one of the next areas to be built up.
There is still the landscaping work to be done at the escalators but at least the electrical equipment has been covered up.
Also the new buildings at the fishing port are nearing completion. The next stage of development at the Marina continues. At the Largo 25 de Abril a large stage was in place for DJ concerts at the weekend. The new kiosk/cafe is open, as are at last the public toilets. The building of the new lift up by the pinnacle goes on; scaffolding now in place for the next stage of construction.
At Oceanville there are at last signs of life. Several apartments and villas are occupied by happy holiday makers and there were a few people in the hotel pool. The second phase of another 200+ apartments is almost finished. None of the shop units are occupied.
In contrast, the old mansion in the centre of town continues to decay. I was able to go inside the grounds which (of course) are now being used as a car park.
The Pau da Bandeira and Rua Amirante Gago Coutinho streetworks are virtually completed. As you can see there, remains a deal of tidying up especially down at the Inatel end. The Al Forno restaurant is open.
Grafitti has returned on the steps up at the pinnacle. The top of the pinnacle itself seems to be defying gravity, with its considerable overhang. Those in the shade underneath might be in for nasty shock!
And yet another hotel almost complete – Pedra dos Bicos (4 stars) which is next to the existing villa/apartment development of the same name.
Finally a couple of other beach shots to cheer you up.
On Thursday I will post the second instalment of my French trip.

Albufeira update

on August 11, 2008 by cubsur51

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