Here is the first instalment of pictures I took while on a recent trip around the Aquitaine region of France.
As I said, my camera developed an intermittent shutter fault, so I missed some shots.
At Agen there is a typical jumble of houses on the hill overlooking the station. The 1103 to Limoges via Le Buisson and Perigueux was waiting for me, four cars of a brand new DMU courtesy of the regional council. A butterfly on the platform was not waiting for the train I think.
The line is mostly single track and winds its way through some fairly pleasant scenery. One of the shots I missed was the driver’s eye view you can get if sitting right at the front and looking over the drivers shoulder – provided the curtain is drawn back as it was in this case.
I alighted at the junction station of Le Buisson. A typical French country station, with many platforms and acres of rusting sidings, legacies of times past.
The next train (again more shots missed) took me to the very popular town of Sarlat. Its preserved medieval centre attracts hordes of tourists and the crowds, as you can see, can make it rather awkward! I quickly formed the impression that the centre is a pedestrian-choked nightmare and the roads leading in and out a traffic-choked nightmare.
It does have a lot of charm and interest and perhaps I will go back in November or something. Lots of poky little streets including one with a name that I cannot find in any dictionary and a Google search drew a complete blank. Who or what were Les Enoiseuses? Any suggestions gratefully received at
The buildings are old of course and I spotted some repairs that would no doubt give UK ‘elf and safety inspectors a field day!
Most of the rest is clean and scrubbed, with few of the excesses of modern towns and cities, but 2.10€ for a can of cola.
The railway approaches the town across a long viaduct from which there are some nice, if brief, views. Further down the line towards Bordeaux, the single track hugs the banks of the Dordogne for many miles, crossing and re-crossing.
At the weekend I will return the the Albufeira theme. Next Wednesday or so I will publish a further set of pictures from France.

Agen, Le Buisson and Sarlat

on August 5, 2008 by cubsur51

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