The majority of pictures in this most recent album were taken and posted in response to many questions from various correspondents, for example those planning holidays near some of the new build. It has been said that the postings present a one-sided picture of the town. Well, I did include pictures of the beaches and other pleasant areas. I have done so in the past. I am of the opinion that much of the current spate of development is detrimental, not only to present visitors who have to put up with noise and dust, but to future visitors who will find themselves surrounded by concrete. There won’t be much room on the beaches either.
I rest my case!
I have posted a large collection of pictures this time,  as this will be the last update from Albufeira for about 3 weeks.
Several topics are covered and these are my explanations!
Albufeira archaeology – recent excavations up in the very old town revealed storage pits dating from the Moorish times of the 8th and 9th century and later building remains.
Just round the corner and looking over the cliffs you can see the various boats taking people out for trips.
A couple of shots from round the back of the Crowne Plaza – see later for some pictures of the views the unfortunates living or staying in Rua do Cerro Grande can now enjoy. Also observe the superb construction standards in the brickwork. Some Friday afternoon work there I think.
Curse of the leaflets – you might as well put up a sign saying ‘these apartments are empty. Please break in and rob at your convenience.’ There are it seems no laws against it.
Albufeira desert – look how dry everything is. It’s a miracle that there are so few fires down in this part of the world. These pictures were taken looking away from the Eden resport development across land as yet no in the clutches of the builders.
Albufeira Eden Resort – a few pictures of yet another ‘luxury development’ about a mile from the centre. I bet the shiny brochure won’t say ‘it’s a mile out of town at the top of a steep hill…’
Albufeira Grafitti – I missed that one earlier. It’s by the old lighthouse thing at the Pau da Bandeira.
Albufeira Largo 25 de Abril – the water feature has some water in it. Off the left the restaurant is nearing completion.
Albufeira Marina – just to the north of the existing developed area a large new area of, guess what? yes, more holiday apartments. Someone has some money; most of the existing apartments remain empty after 2 or 3 years.
Albufeira New Lift – the new lift on the Praia do Peneco continues to take shape. Obviously this won’t be finished for this summer.
Albufeira old sign – just down the road from me this old sign says’ Visit the heights of Bem Parece, one of the best views in Portugal. Not any more – see Oceanville later and Eden resort earlier for example.
Albufeira old storm drain outfall – the dark shadow marks the concrete of the old storm drain outfall under the cliffs between the Peneco and Pescadores beaches. The water is very shallow and the danger is obvious.
Albufeira Pau da Bandeira – the work to pedestrianise this area is nearly complete. This is the area at the top of the new escalators (which are not yet landscaped) and near the Al Forno restaurant.
Albufeira Pier and various beaches all looking very nice and very packed on a Sunday afternon in the sun. Look also how shallow the water is above the rocks near Inatel.
Albufeira Quinta da Bolota is a development gone wrong. This is on the hill next to the Eden resort and above the Health Centre and the road to Ferreiras. The roads have been patched up since my last visit but not a brick sits above ground. The site has been deserted for at least a year. Is this the future of the some of the other projects?
The Al Forno restaurant looks like it is getting ready to re-open now that the roads are finished.
Albufeira Rua Amirante Gago Coutinho – this is the only part of the civic works programme still active during the summer. The new drains and sewers have been laid and buried for most of the length of the road. The bottom end near Inatel is still a mess however. This road will be a pedestrian priority area, which means Portuguese drivers will drive along it as usual so be careful! (Not joking – has anyone walked recently down the hill past Eddy’s Bar and the Blue Bell? Lethal, as there are no pavements and everyone ignores the signs and drives fast.)
Albufeira Rua do Cerro Grande – this is the road that runs for most of the way immediately behind the Crowne Plaza. If your holiday villa is on that road, I am sure you will enjoy the view from your lower windows. The Rua das Laranjeiras is just behind and they join up at one end of the development. So far as I can tell the views from there are not affected.
The Rua Sacadoura Cabral is now restored – this is the road that runs down into town from the Pau da Bandeira, past the top of the escalators. The tourist train now runs along here, having resumed its original route.
Sorry for the ordering mess, the view towards Clube Albufeira was taken from the end of the Quinta da Bolota development mentioned earlier.
A couple of eyesores! Massive amounts of money is being spent all over the place in ‘civic projects’ but these two structures are being allowed to crumble and decay in front of thousands of visitors. In fact, I estimate that in the old town as many as a third of the buildings are empty and many of them are derelict. The same can be seen in almost every town and village in the Algarve, as people desert the small houses in the centre for modern suburbs.
Finally, a few pictures of the huge Oceanville development at Pateo. Much of it is finished – the bottom level is shops. Or will be. Perhaps? There was no sign of life. Just dust and litter. The second phase is almost ready – see the basketball court – and the the roads pointing into the next section are poised and ready. Just round the corner from the apartment blocks are several fairly large individual properties. None are marked ‘for sale’ and so far as I can tell none are occupied, even though they have been finished for some months. I did see a couple of stagnant pools.
I trust you enjoy the pictures and find them useful. Nothing is copyright so please feel free to use them so long as you acknowledge the source!
I am off doing some working and travelling, so the next Albufeira update will be in about 3 weeks. In the interim I may post a few pictures from my journeys.  

Updated – Albufeira photo update 13th July

on July 13, 2008 by cubsur51

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