European Tour part 2

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There is no particular theme to these pictures, just a few shots taken when it wasn’t raining.

I stayed near Argelès-sur-Mer, down in the Languedoc region of France and only a few miles from the Pyrenées and Spain.

I have never before seen any water in the river there.

Nearby is the old city of Perpignan. Some relics of the city gateways and ramparts still stand but, within them, the old city is largely deserted or occupied by Arab immigrants. There are two distinct areas where there are no shops, no bars, no restaurants, no nothing except for old semi-derelict buildings taken over by squatters in many cases.

The newer part of the city has been typically cleaned and scrubbed.

I visited Sintra with the intention of seeing the tramway to Praia das Maças. Unfortunately most of it is closed ‘until further notice, for technical reasons’. The track is intact, the signals are working and the new electrical masts march alongside the road for 14km. Only a short section of about 1000 yards is working.

Just beyond Praia das Maças I chanced upon a ruined building. It has a ‘For Sale’ board; I’d love to see the estate agents description. For improvement? It looked for all the world like a Roman villa recently sacked by the Vandals, even though it can only have been recently abandoned. Around the walls were a series of mosaics, almost intact, including one that showed the tram terminus which I was able to compare with the same view as now exists.

Then a few days in Lisbon. One for the railway buffs among you is a flat road/tram/rail crossing at Alcantara. The railway line runs down to the container terminal and so far as I could tell the crossing is completely unprotected by any signals road,rail or tram! The railway line also crosses the car park in front of the Alcantara cruise terminal, so maybe they use flagmen?

Cascais is a very pleasant resort with three small beaches tucked in among the rocks.

Just up from the beach I came across a little monument to the first public demonstration of the ‘then new game of foot-ball’ which took place in October 1888.

The next Albufeira works update will be on Monday 16th June.


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