These pictures were taken at lunchtime on Sunday 30th March except for those down by the marina which were taken around 6pm on Monday 31st.

There’s not much happening where the restaurant stood at the end of the tunnel but work is proceeding (slowly) on the lift/elevator by the rock pinnacle.

The new restaurant/tourist office down by the Largo 25 de Abril is taking shape as is the rectangular water feature. The two flights of steps you can see in a later picture will lead down to new public toilets.

The new escalators are (still) working. Word has it that the drive chains were installed the wrong way round and had to be corrected. Certainly they  are working in the reverse direction when compared with the official opening pictures! There is a lot of work still to be done in the Largo 25 de Abril below, including replacing the badly damaged paving slabs. Up above, work is almost complete in restoring the Rua Sacadoura which, among other things, will enable the tourist train to resume its normal route.

A little but further along, the Rua Amirante Gago Countinho is still completely dug up. Some of you will know the Lemon Tree bar, which of course cannot open for the duration. Judging by the size of the holes, it will be a long closure! New sewers are being laid along the whole length.

Down near the marina, the new buildings for the fishermen are well on the way. Also the Crowne Plaza development is assuming its prominent position on the landscape. I hope it is going to be a better colour when it’s finished!

The building next to the multi-storey car park that was demolished is being rapidly replaced by a block of shops with apartments above.

I will make another update in about 2 weeks time unless of course something interesting happens.





on March 31, 2008 by cubsur51

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