The pictures in the latest album were taken at lunchtime on Sunday 16th March.
The escalator works are well under way and they were even working on a Sunday. No idea of finish date though.

Work has started on restoring the road across the top of the escalator works (Sacadura Cabral) which will re-open the normal access to the multi-storey car park and enable the tourist train to resume its normal route.

Also, the new roads in the neighbourhood of Inatel and the Barrio dos Pescadores are open. The ‘old’ road, Rua Amirante Gago Coutinho has, well, gone! It has been completely ripped up and is currently impassable to pedestrians as well as vehicles.

This is the road that runs down from the roundabout past the ‘Lemon Tree’ to Inatel. It is to be reconfigured as a pedestrian walk.

At the other end of the beach, work has re-started on the lift/elevator up by Rocamar.

At the fishing port area of the Marina, work proceeds on the new buildings.
I have included a picture of the beach just looking nice, with several people paddling and swimming in the sea. it was a nice day.

Albufeira Civic Works Update 17 March

on March 17, 2008 by cubsur51

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