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These photos were taken during the afternoon of Monday 7th January 2008. It was rather overcast thus not of the best quality!

There was not much sign of any work going on at any of the civic projects. In contrast the private enterprise jobs were going full swing.

Here is a key to the pictures:

01 – 03 the site of the moving walkways up by the pier; allegedly due for completion end February

04 Further damage to paving slabs Largo 25 de Abril following the New Year’s concerts

05 – 07 the site of the new tourist office etc

08 – 09 Largo 25 de Abril general views; almost completed, new lighting columns installed

10 this was the Buffalo Grill. I heard tell they have run out of money.

11 – 14 a few shots of the beach for those of you missing it

15 – 16 the site of the new lift up by the rock pinnacle

17 the renovation of the old building next to the Rocamar and the steps is almost complete

18 Rua Latinho Coelho. Not a soul about.

19 the fishing boat harbour – new building proceeding and I still don’t know what it is.

20 – 201 – 202 the Crowne Plaze development from various angles

21 the Marina with Pateo up on the hill above. My apartment is up there; not telling you which one!

22 the Marina upper level shops; almost deserted most are empty

23 – 27 the Marina; I hope the wealth and opulence is not too off-putting! The Marina seems well off boat wise but not much in the way of other activity.

28 – 281 – 282 Cerro D’Aguia; how long before this is covered in concrete I wonder?

29 The Marina from the ‘other side’

30 – 32 the squatter camp above the marina has some nice views if not much in the way of sunshine!

The next update on this theme will be around the 23rd/24th Janaury. Before that there will be some pictures from the UK and a sporting event or two.




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