Albufeira Civic Works and more

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The Albufeira pictures were taken on Sunday morning 19th November. Those of Vila Ral, Tavira and Faro were taken on Thursday 15th November.
There isn’t very much to actually see in the way of progress in the civic works – looks like they are basically making holes!
There is some new work starting down in the ‘working’ part of the Marina – see the crane and holes. Does anyone know what these will be?
There are a couple of shots of the Crowne Plaza Hotel (overlooking the marina) continuing to take shape.Further along the work on the elevator/lift proceeds slowly, the crane has moved to the bottom but otherwise litle sign of progress. The big hole where once the fish market stood is the scene of some activity as electrical ducts are being installed. A lot of the broken paving slabs on the Largo 25 de Abril have been replaced, just in time to be trashed again with the New Year’s Eve concert. Work is ongoing where the moving stariway is to be installed above the Largo 25 de Abril, but once more it is slooow!The new roads around Intatel now have a temporary surface and are almost in shape.
Broadening the outlook a little, I went to Tavira and Vila Real de Sao Antonio the other day. The sun was shining and Tavira was looking its customary picturesque self. Here are a few shots around the river (low tide), a couple of views from the top of the hill and one or two others.
There’s a shot across the river to Ayamonte (Spain) with the little ferry in the foreground.
Vila Real de Sao Antonio has definitely seen better days! The old railway station down by the river is remarkably intact after many years of closure. The tracks are mostly intact but vegetation is gradually winning. The old docks are now an almost deserted post-industrial wilderness, with a large collection of derelict factories. There’s quite a lot of activity nearby however. The old customs house has recently been repaired and restored but awaits an occupier.
For railfans, the nameplate and the train show their US origins.
Right in the centre, opposite the bus station, is a large, empty and slightly creepy building. Could be a project for an hotel in the making perhaps?
The car park of the Intermarche store by the other (still open) railway station is home to three lots of tent dwellers. Such is livign in modern 21st century Portugal.
Then, while I was waiting for the train at Faro, the sun began to set. The sky was clear and the view across the marshes was fine. The airport is just to the right of the pictures as you look. The picture Sunset Faro 3 has a 1 second exposure, just testing. All the others were taken in lazy auto mode.
Next week’s post will be the pictures I took on my recent visit to Braga.

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