Here are a few more pictures taken mostly around the south end of the town on Tuesday afternoon, 4th September.
The new houses are being built just around the corner from where I have been staying this last couple of days. I would love to see the estate agents spin on this one; those railway tracks carry around 200 trains on a weekday and about 100 on a Sunday, 24 hours a day! I bet they only picture it from the front.
There’s a picture of the street in which I lived for 20 years – not telling you which house though!
Just across the road is a branch of the River Medway running between wooded banks and there’s a fotbridge leading over to the Sports grounds. Last day of summer holidays for smaller children and a reasonably pleasant afternoon so plenty of people taking advantage.
Looking over the Sports grounds (remember we are only 200 yards from the High Street) north and west and the countryside seems to have barely changed for hundreds of years. The whole area was gifted to the town in the 1920’s on condition it remains as it is. It’s a floodplain and despite the developer’s attentions it remains green. It floods almost every year, it’s supposed to!
Soon the football pitches will be marked out and goalposts put up. Every weekend hundreds of children and adults will enjoy their games.
The southern end of the High Street still has a number of buildings from the 19th century but there has been more development at this end especially in the last 40 years. The Forester’s Arms stands at the bottom of Quarry Hill, the road that leads up to Tunbridge Wells. Quarry Hill is still recognisable as the country lane it once was. There are some very des.res up here.
Finally a few shots taken at the football club (the light was very poor being around 730pm) where the local semi-pro team was taking on Folkestone. A crowd of 432 witnessed a 1-2 defeat in a pretty poor game. I have been watching the team on and off since I was at school in Tonbridge in the 1960’s. Fortunes have waxed and waned; the club currently sits in the Ryman League Premier Division, the 7th level of the UK league structure, the Premier League being the 1st. Six games played so far, won 1 drawn 2 and lost 3. Oh well, only a another 36 to go in the struggle!
Hope you liked the pictures. It’s back to Albufeira later today and in a  couple of weeks I will do a further update on the scene there.

Tonbridge Volume 2

on September 5, 2007 by cubsur51

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