These photos were taken between Wednesday 4th and Friday 6th July.
The crane near Rocamar was busy on Wednesday with the construction works for the new lift. As you can see, the steps have re-opened following the subsidence caused by last November’s storms.
The cut for the new road between Inatel and the town is taking shape; this will take traffic away from the Pau da Bandeira (the roundabout at the top of the cliff above the pier)
Later that day I walked along the cliff path from Albufeira to Praia da Oura. Nice clear water and calm as well, for a change.
On Thursday morning there I was at Albufeira station  when this train of empty sand wagons hove to.
Near Sao Bras de Alportel is a fairly long section of preserved road, some of it allegedly dating from Roman times. That may be so, but hat you see was undoubtedly covered by gravel and/or earth as it is impossible to walk on the visible surface! Your cart would have shaken to bits. If you go there, it’s called the ‘Calcadinha’. S. Bras also has an imposing old church dominating the view down the valley to the south. This was without doubt where Romans and Moors had a fort. S.Bras has a number of interesting narrow little streets and houses; the modern town has moved a few yards to the west so to speak.
Later in the day I went to Tavira and there was some disruption to the train service for an unstated reason. Sitting there in the loop was a short freight train of empties on their way back from Vila Real de Santo Antonio; the driver had obviously been there for some time as he was sitting on the platform end on his mobile phone, looking and sounding decidely annoyed! But a few minutes later he was on his way to Loule. My own train was 30 minutes late.
Finally, there are some shots of the new setting for Wild Bill Hiccups and Metz Bar now that the outside works are almost complete. There are some steps and infill to be constructed but the new Largo de 25 Abril is more or less complete. The local kids have not taken long to realise that it makes an excellent football pitch, if a bit hard!
Next photo update and probaly the last for the summer will be around 18th July unless something really interesting happens.

Albufeira update

on July 6, 2007 by cubsur51

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