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Just in case you are wondering what I am doing while not taking pictures of building works in Albufeira, here’s a few notes and pictures.
Four days this week have been spent watching cricket at the annual Tunbridge Wells Cricket Week. Kent hosted Yorkshire in a four-day game which was drawn.
The game (and two one-day games on Sunday and Wednesday) are played at the famous old Neville Cricket Ground in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.
The weather was cloudy but warm with only a few spots of rain and short delay on Day 3 caused by heavy overnight rain.
On Day 2 at lunchtime we were entertained by the Band of 2 Battalion, The Royal Regiment of Gurkhas.
I have also included a couple of photos from my old home town of Tonbridge and will add more later.
Much beer has been consumed also!
More pictures and photos in a few days. I am also keeping a log of all my journeys by plane, train and bus and will publish a complete report at the end of my tour. Suffice it to say that so far the only delay of any significance was of 15 minutes on the 209 bus from Tonbridge to Golden Green!

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