Progress 20th May

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Sorry for the delay this week – work and other things took far longer than expected on Monday and I was out all day Tuesday.
I took a few pictures to try to show some different aspects of the continuing development activities in Albufeira. The first four are of the Oceanville development. This is on the hill above the ‘Dolphins’ roundabout on the main road near Pateo. I have tried to show the extent to which it dominates the skyline. The first phase is pretty close to completion; the second and third phases are coming along. You can see (and I imagine many of you can appreciate) the views to be has but how many kings will have to be ransomed before you can buy one of these?
I don’t know how many apartments there are but it must be in the hundreds without including the semi-circular building.
The next few are of the finished square and the ongoing activity around the Avenida 25 de Abril and pier. That area should be close to completion within the next two weeks.
Item – there is NO ACCESS to the multi-storey car park from the Rua do MFA (or any other parking for that matter) so if you are insisting on driving and parking as near the centre as possible the only access to the multi-storeyis the roundabout at Pau da Bandeira (the onbe above the pier and beach) and off down the hill there. I had a nice few minutes waiting for a bus the other day at the bottom of Rua do MFA watching the security guard send car after car back up the hill. Memo to CM Albufeira – put a very big sign at he top of Rua MFA, in as many languages as possible, stating NO CAR PARKING DOWN HERE!
Work on the new cut-off road behind the said Pau dan Bandeira roundabout is moving along nicely too.
I have left this year’s previous albums on the site so you can do a ‘before and after’ if you wish.
I cannot but notice that the developers appear to have overlooked several areas of empty space. I have pictured these in the hope of getting a vast commission.
Finally, just for the fun of it, a picture I took in Tavira yesterday. Nice being a cat.
Next update will be on or around 1st June.

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