Just a few pictures taken over the past weekend. There’s a large new hotel being built over-looking the Marina on the Rua Coronel Aguas.
The workings for the installation of the elevator/lift down the beach can be seen just outside the Bar Bizzaro, on the clifftop just beyond the Rocamar hotel. The steps are still fenced off but that didn’t stop several people climbing over the wall and using them. The undercliff path and the rock pillar are also fenced off and will remain so for some time.
The old fish market near the pier was finally demolished at the end of the last week. In its place will be a new tourist office and a restaurant, so it will be some time before anything appears in that space. Alongside the temporary concrete surface is being laid along the Rua S. Goncalo de Lagos. Snoopy’s looks to be well on the road to recovery and there was work taking place on the inside. The building next door (the old shellfish shop) and the Buffalo Grill replacement are still in the early stages of construction, so it’s still a bit of a mess there.
The new paving slabs (nice and slippery when wet!) are being laid along the Cais Herculano and several of the bars and restaurants are open again. The same surface will be applied to the Largo 25 de Abril (the former car park near the pier) once the concrete is down.
A path has been opened up across the building site near the ruins of the old fish market, which does make it slightly easier to get to and from the beach, although the way is still strewn with loose stones, cables and temporary water mains.
Rumour has it that a second lift is to be built near the pier.
Finally, work has started on the new road which will take traffic away from the clifftop above the pier, it cuts inland outside Inatel and comes out above the car park. Click on the thumbnail below for a map. The work to pedestrianise the present road is due to start in October.

A few pictures taken over the weekend 12/13 May

on May 14, 2007 by cubsur51

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