In Uncategorized on April 5, 2007 by cubsur51

As of last night work was proceeding at a rapid pace. A path is being formed along the front of the Edificio Albufeira, ie between Cafe Barhon and the corner where Wild Bills is situated. The workmen said that this should be finished by Easter and that will re-enable pedestrian access to that area. A vast mountain of earth and rubble occupies what was the car park. Pipes and ducts are being laid all over. Up by the multi-storey car park the surface of the Av 25 de Abril is being re-laid and looks almost finished. That will re-open the area in front of the Hotel Baltum and the GNR post. Most of the area along the seafront between the pier and A Ruina is still closed although the beach itself is accessible. The bars and restaurants at the ‘A Ruina’ end inc Tasca da Viegas are now re-opened.
The next update will be over the weekend 14/15 April and will include pictures taken with a new camera – I hope!

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