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I was with Steve in his bar (Wild Bill’s) yesterday afternoon watching the cricket. We had a first hand close-up view of the various bits of machinery levelling what was the car park and removing the retaining wall between Edificio Albufeira and the open space being created.
We nearly had an extra close up as, towards the end of the evening, the concrete smasher thing knocked some tiles off the ceiling of the kitchen which, unbeknown to those working above, was underneath the area that was being reduced. Lucky that people were there and stopped the man and machine before any real damage was caused; the driver looked distinctly relieved that he hadn’t crashed down into the cellar!
Before that the vibrations caused by the machines (before we got there) had been sufficiently strong to knock glasses and a bottle of sauce off the shelves. Steve had an enjoyable half hour clearing up the mess!
And the water was off for a while.
The whole area that was the car park is now rubble and earth. The area around the old fish market is receiving attention but as of yesterday the building itself still stood. The bit further along under the old tiled shed is being re-surfaced but a lot of work is still needed.
What was the Buffalo Grill is now an empty shell. This building is being completely rebuilt.
Snoopy’s bar and the old shellfish shed next to it have been gutted pending rebuilding.
Almost all the bars and restuarants in that area remain closed as expected.

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