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Albufeira beach 18th February 2014

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Everyone’s happier when the sun is out.




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The view from my window at 13.30hrs on February 13th.  It’s fog or low cloud. I am not sure of the finer points of difference.  It’s raining a little as well.

The fog lifts in the afternoons then it just rains. But it hasn’t today! It’s coming up to 5pm and the scene hasn’t changed. Everything is grey and it’s feeling very damp. My weather station says  humidity is 95% outdoors, 81% indoors, so the fog must be seeping in.

We have had several days like this. it is not cold, 15.8C as I write.



Something to keep us going

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While I cannot take any new pictures, here are a couple of old pictures of Albufeira that have recently been discovered on the internet.

This one we think is from around 1915.

No idea of the date of this one but obviously from after aircraft came onto the scene!



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Here’s a few more pictures of Albufeira from May 2004

and just half dozen from Christmas week 2004



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It was a really pleasant afternoon so I went for a walk from Santa Eulalia along the cliffs and beaches through Oura to Albufeira. Here are a few pictures. Santa Eulalia beach first, from above looking east. The area of the 2013 cliff collapse can clearly be seen.


Praia da Oura looking east.


Praia de São João. Remember when the sea used to come right up to that rock in the right foreground, even in summer? It seems the sand has shifted from nearer the pier down to this end.Image

Praia do Inatel – not bad for the end of January!


and the Inatel hotel looking good in it’s new guise.


Heading towards the supermarket and I spotted these happy creatures in the Bairro dos Pescadores (Fishermen’s Village) :



Albufeira 2003

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I recently found a picture CD in the wrong case with a lot of pictures taken by me on visits in 2003,2004 and 2005 before I moved here.

I hope you find them of interest. Here is the first set, about a dozen pictures taken during the week of Christmas in 2003. The weather was really nice!


A few pictures from near where I live

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It’s January but the flowers are coming out. It’s a nice walk towards Ferreiras away from the roads.

January flowers Albufeira

January flowers Albufeira




Dumping stuff Portugal

Above is a typical example of the ‘I don’t care attitude’ of so many people here. It is commonplace to dump building ruble like this. Many people are too lazy to go to an official tip.

Below is the Eden Resort, about 3/4 mile out of Albufeira. It was a cloudy day.

Eden Resort Albufeira


Salgados Lagoon 7th January 2014

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Regular readers will have been following the story of the Salgados lagoon, which is to the west of Albufeira. The recent rains have filled  the lagoon once more and it seems that most of the rehabilitation work seems to be complete. Some work is ongoing including the installation of pipes to carry water from the pumping station and better balance the flow of water between the lagoon and the open sea.

Sad to say, as I am sure many of you know, the Silves council which controls the area to the west of the lagoon, has approved a huge project to build two five star hotels and three golf courses on what is currently open land. This will be bound to have an effect on the lagoon.

Locals and others are arguing vehemently about this, particularly in view of the several half built or empty resort developments that exists within a few km of this area. But you can’t fight city hall, especially when the appropriate inducements have no doubt been received.

Photo album here 


Albufeira beach and old town miscellaneous pictures

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Some pictures here of the beach and old town taken yesterday afternoon

I have not had a chance to caption them as yet but most of you will recognise the various places.

I will do the captions in the morning.


Pictures from Cerro Grande and Caminho da Baleeira, Albufeira.

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Latest picture set at

These pictures were taken on Monday 23rd December. It was a cloudy day and there are a lot of shadows but I hope the pictures still work for you. This is the Cerro Grande area of Albufeira, to the west of the old town and above the marina.

Cerro Grande Map

Above the marina and running towards São Rafael and Galé is a tall ridge on which there are some very desirable residences.

A road then track called Caminho da Baleeira runs along it.

Caminho da Baleeira map

Caminho da Baleeira map


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