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Foggy in Albufeira

In Albufeira,Algarve,the weather and things on September 6, 2014 by cubsur51

View from my window across the marina at 1220pm


fog in albufeira




Albufeira beach Tuesday 26th August 2014

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Pictures taken from the pier around 1830hrs Tuesday 26th August. Temperature was 32C.

Albufeira beach 260814

Albufeira beach 260814


Summer is here

In Albufeira,Algarve,Portugal on June 29, 2014 by cubsur51

Sorry there was an error in the link to the picture album. Now corrected.

Hot and sunny days at last. Yesterday it was 28C / 82F and the sea was very inviting for some. Here is a sample, a few more here




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I climbed to the very top yesterday afternoon for a different purpose. I took this picture, looking north, from near the TV and cellphone mast. The road is the N 395 towards Ferreiras, the white building centre right is the Health Centre and top right is the Clube Albufeira resort complex. Some of the Eden Resort buildings can be glimpsed centre left. The empty space in the middle marks the site of one of the many abandoned holiday resort projects that litter and disfigure the area. Luckily this one was given up before any buildings were started. There are just the roads, gradually crumbling and subsiding.




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Here in Albufeira the ex-pats and holidaymakers will be gathering this evening to bite their fingermails in the slightly forlorn hope that England will beat Uruguay and thus not be eliminated from the World Cup. At least we lasted longer than Spain!

I shall take my camera and if circumstances permit I shall post some pictures of us in our natural habitat. if I don’t, it probably means we lost and we are all down in the depths of despair – or worse.


Albufeira Beach – Praia dos Arrifes

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Pleasant weather today, 26C or 79F. A bicycle ride around the Galé and São Rafael area took me down to the Praia dos Arrifes, a nice little beach down the bottom of a hill a couple of miles west of Albufeira.

Praia dos Arrifes (1)

Arrifes 2

arrrifes 3

arrifes 4


Salgados Lagoon May 15th 2014

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Took a little trip down there, a month or so since I last went. The rehabilitation work seems to have been left unfinished. All the workmen and plant have  left site, leaving loads of pipes and stuff laying around, several large unfilled holes and trenches and also a portable toilet. The water was a horrible green colour but the birds didn’t mind. I also saw a turtle, so it seems they are back. A sample picture below, rest here.





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