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Why no one in the UK learns to play football any more. The example of Portugal.

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While the UK national and local authorities are reducing and withdrawing funding for team sports, a small village population 3,700 not far from Albufeira has raised the funds necessary to build a new facility for use by the local football club and all its age groups. It only opened in January this year and it not yet complete. The changing rooms are temporary, but the pitch is there, the floodlights are up and it works.

It replaced a very old ground which had the dreaded ‘terra batida’ or gravel pitch which are now banned.

Meanwhile kids in the UK can no longer play for weeks, even months, at a time as the places they use become mudheaps at the first sign of rain and the local councils, Football Association and all the rest don’t do a thing about it. Small wonder that less than half the players in the English Premier League are English and that when clubs want a young player they go to France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium etc where this type of setup is normal and they can practice two nights a week almost regardless of the weather. For the cost of two weeks of Wayne Rooney’s new wage packet, this type of ground can be built. Bit of course in the UK the neighbours would complain about the noise, the floodlights, the traffic etc etc then withdraw satisfied behind their curtains but fearful to go out as the local youth has nothing to do but hang about the streets.



A rural scene near Albufeira

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Barely two miles from the hustle and bustle of the centre of Albufeira, but still within the resort area, there are some open spaces where the rural life of the past can still be seen. Thee pictures were taken in Sesmarias.






Salgados Beach Albufeira April 8th 2014

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Just a couple to cheer up those of you that wish you were here.




Salgados Lagoon update

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On the way back from Armação de Pêra I went by the Salgados Lagoon. After last week’s rain it is now very full. There is still work taking place but for the most part it is looking good.

Sample picture, taken 8th April. Rest at



Albufeira beaches on a sunny day 6th April 2014

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After last week’s terrible weather, the sun was out. 23C on Sunday early afternoon.

We do have one problem. One of the storm water outfalls was badly damaged and has yet to be repaired. For the while the area is to be avoided!

Here is a sample, more at



Wild weather in Albufeira

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Torrential rain on Monday and Tuesday caused flash floods in the lower parts of town. Some of the drains are blocked with sand. On Monday night around 830pm the Avenida 25 de Abril had several inches of fast flowing water rushing towards the sea and into people’s basements and cellars.

On Tuesday afternoon the bar owner a few doors from me had stacked his patio furniture against a wall as it was raining very hard. I heard a loud noise amid very strong gusts of wind. I reached the front window in time to see his chairs, tables and umbrellas being hurled across the street, with cars braking to avoid them.

I grabbed this picture through the window in the rain.




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Just a few pictures taken of the Praia Castelo, Praia Coelha and the Salgados Lagoon on Tuesday 18th March.

The very rough seas during the winter storms took away a lot of the sand from the little beaches to the west of Albufeira. Nature gradually replaces it and they should be back to normal by the summer. It was a very nice day yesterday, far warmer than the average for the time of year. People were out and about sitting in the sun.

The Salgados lagoon is in good shape. There is still some landscaping and pipework in progress but the regeneration project does look to be substantially complete,

Pictures here


Down to a couple of beaches tomorrow

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I’ve been tasked to visit a couple of the small beaches a couple of miles away to see what’s happened to the sand. Look out on Wednesday for some pictures.


Some pictures from Albufeira

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Nothing fantastic, just a few pictures taken on a walk the old town and beach on Thursday 20th February. Also included are a couple of then and now views.


Albufeira beach old and new

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An old picture of the town beaches at Albufeira side by side with the present day.

We are not sure of the date of the old picture but suspect it is around 1915. Click the picture to see full size.



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