Albufeira at night

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The Cais Herculano and the oldest part of town on Sunday night 7th September.

Albufeira Cais Herculano and old town at night


Albufeira beach Saturday 6th September 7.22pm

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Albufeira beach Saturday 6th September 7.22pm

Albufeira beach 060914


Some kitty cats for you

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Not far from where I live, seen yesterday.


kitten 2


Foggy in Albufeira

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View from my window across the marina at 1220pm


fog in albufeira




Carvoeiro day out

Yesterday was a day out to Carvoeiro, somewhere I haven’t been for a long while. Here’s one picture as a taster.

Praia do Carvoeiro

This tide was just starting to come in. Two hours later the beach was rather narrower and people on their towels were being caught by the waves.

Here are the rest of the pictures

Carvoeiro day out

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Albufeira beach Tuesday 26th August 2014

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Pictures taken from the pier around 1830hrs Tuesday 26th August. Temperature was 32C.

Albufeira beach 260814

Albufeira beach 260814


Try again!

In 1939, when the German armed forces occupied La Rochelle, the Navy requisitioned an hotel in the city centre as quarters for the officers of the submarine flotilla based at the nearby port of La Pallice.

It was decided to build a bunker underneath as a bomb shelter, which was duly achieved.

When the city was liberated in May 1945, the bunker was captured intact. Subsequently the entrances were sealed up and it was forgotten about. Forty or so years later, the hotel closed and the site was being surveyed for rebuilding. The bunker was rediscovered. Local people persuaded the authorities to preserve the structure.

It has been rehabilitated and opened recently as a small museum. It is near the market.

My pictures here – there are better ones on the web!

And finally, a set of pictures mostly taken on walks around the outskirts of town. I took a bus to Nieul Sur Mer and walked back a few miles along the coastal footpath to La Pallice, where I had been earlier in the week. On my last day I went to the market before heading back to Bordeaux.

La Rochelle area

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