Camera broken!

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Wah! Tested last night and found the screen display had failed. Still takes pictures but not much good without a screen. It’s still under guarantee, so I took it back to the shop who will send it away for repair / replacement. I hope. I am pretty sure they will find a reason not to honour the guarantee, but for the next few weeks I shall have only my cantankerous big camera and the one on the phone.

I am glad I had the latter when I was out for a walk earlier. After several days of very wet weather, the sun is out and people can enjoy the beach once again. The sea is a little rough, but there were plenty out on the sand, it being half term break for many British schools.

The pictures are not up to even my usual poor quality, but here they are.


Salagdos Lagoon 6th October 2014

The lagoon is pretty full despite there having been almost no rain for six months. It’s a while since I have been there, so I took a bike ride yesterday and took some pictures.

You will remember that permission has been given for a massive tourist resort development on the site, but so far no work ahs taken place. We can still enjoy the area.

Photos here.

Salagdos Lagoon 6th October 2014

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Albufeira from the sea

I had a boat ride last week as a part of a friend’s stag day. The sea was a bit rough but I managed to get a few pictures of the coastline from out at sea. They are here.

I hope you like them.

Albufeira from the sea

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A visit to the Mid Hants Railway, Alton, Hamsphire, England

Also known as the ‘Watercress Line’ this preserved steam railway runs for 10 miles (16km) from the town of Alton to Alresford, through green Hampshire countryside. The ‘Watercress’ tag comes from one of the major agricultural activities in the area. Trains took the crop to London. Watercress is still grown in the area.

My visit was on Sunday afternoon 14th September, a cloudy day but luckily it didn’t rain. I stopped in Winchester for a couple of hours. It was packed with visitors and as everyone has pictures of the place I saved my batteries. I decided to take a bus to Alton and come back on the steam train.

The Mid Hants Railway originally ran from Alton to Winchester. It was closed to passengers in 1972. The line between London and Alton had been electrified as part of the London commuter network as long ago as 1937, but the rest of the line remained a backwater. Diesel trains started running in 1966 but the line was a victim of the massive railway closures of the period. The preservation group bought the line between Alton and Alresford, but the remainder has been lost to building and will never re-open.

The official website for the line is at and there is a Wikipedia article at charting the history of the line from its opening in 1865  to  closure (to scheduled service) in 1972, purchase in 1975 then gradual re-opening until the present day.

For the visitor without a car or who does not wish to drive, it’s easy to get to and a nice day out. Alton is the terminus of a commuter line from London Waterloo operated by South West Trains, with service every 30 minutes every day except Sunday mornings when the trains run only once each hour. Connections are possible from a huge variety of other places. For train times in detail see or

Alton station is shared between the private and public railways, so there is no problem with local transfer and access.

There are buses every 30 minutes weekdays and Saturdays from Winchester to Alresford at the other end of the line, about every hour on Sundays. (The bus station at Winchester is several minutes walk from the railway station.)

Ropley is the centre of the line´s preservation and restoration activity. Most weekends the timetable is sufficiently frequent to allow an hour or two between trains to have a good look around. There aren’t any pubs close by. The village centre is about a mile away. Alton and Alresford stations are in the middle of town with all the usual facilities close at hand.

I hope you like my pictures which are at

The low sun was getting in the way, so some are not as good as I would prefer.

A visit to the Mid Hants Railway, Alton, Hamsphire, England

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Southampton visit

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I spent a week in Southampton, mainly to watch cricket  but was able to take a couple of walks around the city. There is quite a lot still to see of historic interest, despite much of the old city having been destroyed during a bombing raid in World War Two.

The city’s history goes back to Roman times, although there is considerable dispute about what was actually situated in what we now call Southampton. From the Anglo-Saxon times (mid 5th century AD onwards) it is known that a settlement called Hamtun existed in what is now the St Mary’s area and at some time thereafter it became known as South Hamtun, to distinguish it from North Hamtun, now Northam.(In the Saxon tongue, ham = village and tun = enclosure, yard or Ham might have been someone’s name eg Ham’s yard. I dunno!)

City walls and stone churches appeared after the Norman invasion of the late 11th Century. For more about Southampton’s history, see the Wikipedia article at

One thing I did not know, until I saw a mention of it, is that in Jane Austen’s time Southampton was known as a spa and bathing resort! She and her family came down from their home near Winchester to take restorative walks along the seafront. Hard to imagine that now!

Southampton was and still is one of the UK’s busiest merchant ports and is also a base and calling point for several passenger cruise ships. It’s a busy city, with plenty going on. The oldest part of the city sits on a small hill above what was once marshy ground. Large sections of the city walls still stand, along with the Bargate, one of the best kept examples of a Middle Ages city gate.

Bargate, Southampton

Right in the modern city are several large parks, quite a surprise for the visitor.

Houndwell Park, Southampton

My own pictures are at


Uncommonly nice weather in southern England

Apart from a thunderstorm in Southampton on Thursday morning that is! The sun has been seen, daytime temperatures are in the 22 – 24C range. Mornings are rather misty though.

I am now in Tonbridge for the weekend. Far too much beer will be consumed. My time will not be my own as I join old friends in the various sports venues and pubs.

I will have the opportunity early next week to upload some pictures from the week in Southampton, which I found to be rather more interesting than when I spend some time working there around 15 years ago.

Uncommonly nice weather in southern England

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Albufeira at night

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The Cais Herculano and the oldest part of town on Sunday night 7th September.

Albufeira Cais Herculano and old town at night


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